Royal Chapel - Muffat : Grande Messe Festive pour Salzbourg


This Sunday 27th of November, attend an exceptional concert at the Chapelle Royale

In 1690, the powerful Archbishop of Salzburg, Primate of Germania and Prince of a sovereign state respected throughout Europe, was renowned for the extraordinary religious ceremonies of his Cathedral. He had just celebrated the city's 1100th anniversary with great pomp and circumstance, and the musicians who composed for him were famous throughout Europe: first and foremost Heinrich Biber, but also the brilliant Georg Muffat (1653-1704), who dedicated to him a splendid Missa In Labore Requies intended to call upon all the musical forces of the cathedral. Born in Savoy, Muffat was a true European: he studied music in Paris with Lully, was an organist in Alsace at Sélestat, but we find him mainly in Vienna, Prague, Salzburg while temporarily settling in Rome! He was a man of fusion of Italian, French and German styles, applying his renowned musical verve.
Salzburg the Catholic had to show its splendour in the face of the Protestant states that surrounded it: it was therefore necessary to conceive an exceptional musical ceremony intended for a great sacred office for this Pentecost of 1690. The pomp deployed by Muffat leaves one breathless: the music is written for twenty-four different voices, and must be distributed in space in five choirs. The impressive effects of trumpets and percussion, marking the solemnity of the ceremony, resounded splendidly in the cathedral, responding to the angelic choirs as well as to the sacred acclamations, to build an incomparable musical monument. Since Salzburg Cathedral has four balconies, it is conceivable that the mass was held from the balconies and the main choir in the nave. Two choirs of vocal soloists, doubled in the tutti, then a choir of strings, respond to a choir of two cornets and three trombones, and a choir of five trumpets and timpani.
This "immense" music is obviously almost never performed, so much so that it requires a large number of musicians, preparation time, precision on the part of the musicians and the conductor, but above all a setting to welcome and magnify this "spatialised" music. The Chapelle Royale allows for this splendid setting, and the performers brought together for this recording and concert project: Le Banquet Céleste (Damien Guillon) and La Guilde des Mercenaires (Adrien Mabire), take up the challenge of mounting this work of exceptional proportions!

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Sunday 27 November 2022 between 3 pm and 4.15 pm.


Adult: from 41 € (Category 3: from €22 to €27
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Prestige category: from €92 to €106
VIP Category: €119).

VIP CATEGORY: Best seats of the theater, a free programme and glass of champagne.
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REDUCED RATE applicable to under 26s, Chateau de Versailles Spectacles card holders and groups of more than 10 people (excluding special company offer).
Holders of the 2 day Chateau de Versailles passport: reduced rate applicable to reservation by telephone only at +33 (0)1 30 83 78 89 or directly on site on the day of the event (subject to availability).

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Royal Chapel - Muffat : Grande Messe Festive pour Salzbourg
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