Stargames laser

Sporting activities

Discover the Laser Stargames ! You will participate in a fictional war with family or friends where you will challenge players (alone or in team) who will be armed with a laser gun and a vest with sensors of new generation !

With friends, family or colleagues, come to our labyrinth on a mission, where you can equip a laser gun (harmless) and a vest with sensors.
You will put your address to the test while having fun !
You will evolve on 2 levels, all in black light, highlighting the futuristic scenery of a devastated galaxy.

Challenge yourself in unique role-playing games: the stealth game, the President, the zombie, the manhunt... Fun and entertainment guaranteed !

General information

20 minutes


From 29/08 to 31/12.
Closed Monday and Tuesday.


One price: from 10 €.

Contact details

Stargames laser
Stargames Laser
344 route de l'Empereur
92500 Rueil-Malmaison