Royale Factory : Mentir is not good


Max had only one idea left in his head. That his father, a bitter and hobble-bearing man, with whom he has been angry for 15 years, will be in front of the TV when he receives his Molière.

Yvou, the lunar friend (and very unpredictable), agrees to take on this mission by becoming his life's helper. But on one condition! Have Max write him a musical. Thus he will be able to impress Mary, the Love of his life. An exchange of good practices that will quickly be undermined when Max realizes that Marie. . . has set sail. Between lies, misunderstandings and parodies of silly songs, these two naïve greats manage the feat of making us scream with laughter while remaining extremely touching.

Mentir is not good, a hilarious (and almost musical) comedy that finally proves that males have heart.

Author: Vincent Piguet Artists: Vincent Piguet, Patrick Chanfray

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From Friday 3 to Saturday 4 September 2021 between 8.30 pm and 9.45 pm.
Duration : 1h15.


Full price: 22 €, Reduced price: 18 € (Jobseekers, pensioners over 65, students under 25, subscribers).

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Royale Factory : Mentir is not good
Royale Factory
2 rue Jean Houdon
78000 Versailles