Le Cuisinaire du Roi - Menu de la Réconciliation


The best of both Vegetarians and Carnivores worlds together!

Because everyone has the right to eat what they like, this menu will reconcile vegetarians and meat lovers.
From the same base, we will offer two versions of each dish, quickly and simply.

Starter :
Fresh pea soup with burrata cheese and Serrano ham chips in one case, mint lace tuile in the other
Main course:
Peppers stuffed with bulgur risotto with seafood in one case, with dried fruit in the other
Dessert :
Sabayon with first strawberries

Duration of the workshop: about 3h30, including tasting.

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One price: 95 €.

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Le Cuisinaire du Roi - Menu de la Réconciliation
Le Cuisinaire du Roi - SAS Le paradis des gourmandes
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