Opéra Royal : Grétry : La Caravane du Caire


Opera-ballet in three acts to a libretto by Étienne Morel de Chédeville, first performed at the Théâtre Royal in Fontainebleau in 1783.

La Caravane du Caire was a triumph at its premiere in 1783, and continued to resonate through the ranks of Napoleon's army with the chorus "La Victoire est à nous !" Grétry's colourful play, with its patriotic accents, is a true hymn to France : in the sands of Egypt, the "brave Frenchman" Saint-Phar tries to free his beloved Zélime from the slave trader who is going to sell her to the Pasha, the real ogre of the fable !

General information


Friday 9 June 2023 between 8 pm and 10.20 pm.
2h20 including intermission.

Saturday 10 June 2023 between 7 pm and 9.20 pm.
2h20 including intermission.

Sunday 11 June 2023 between 3 pm and 5.20 pm.
2h20 including intermission.


Category 3 : €41 a €49
Category 2 : €59 à €70
Category 1 : €78 à €92
Prestige : €113 à €130
Prestige VIP : €151

PRESTIGE CATEGORY: Very good seats, the program and a glass of champagne offered.

REDUCED RATE granted to under-26s, holders of the Château de Versailles Spectacles card and groups of more than 10 people (excluding company formula).

For a better welcome, it is strongly recommended that people with reduced mobility book their seats by telephone on 01 30 83 78 89.

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Opéra Royal : Grétry : La Caravane du Caire
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