Théâtre Montansier - The bicycle without hands


Riding a bike without your hands requires a lot of confidence and control, but then what freedom!

Becoming a musician requires the same audacity!

Morgane and her clarinet, accompanied by Olga on the piano, offer a concert that invites children to "make" music with them, in the most spontaneous way possible; by singing and accompanying themselves with body percussion.

The children will discover the pleasure of singing together and will find the way to appropriate different musical notions, playing with notes, rhythms, nuances, tempo and words.

It is possible to ride a bike without your hands, but to attend Morgane's concert without using your voice or your hands is impossible!

After the show, a snack in the Foyer with the artists

General information

Specially for children


Wednesday 5 April 2023 between 3 pm and 4 pm.
Duration: 55min.


One price: 10 €.

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Théâtre Montansier - The bicycle without hands
Théâtre Montansier
13 Rue des Réservoirs
78000 Versailles