Théâtre Montansier - The Chorus of silence


Telling fables without words is the challenge taken up by this team trained in comedia dell'arte. "In his corner a cat tells us this truth, not a word, no words, but here is this reality.

In the forest of La Fontaine two foxes are preparing themselves, one very hungry and the other rather bored, they are waiting patiently for what is going to happen.

Sir the Lion, early in the morning, wanders around without a care and believing that nothing can happen to him, he falls in love with the Peacock of the forest.

On his way Sir Leo stops to help a little rat who will never stop thanking him.

Be a spectator of this adventure, let the forest whisper to you in silence.

After the show, snack in the Foyer with the artists

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Specially for children


Wednesday 31 May 2023 between 3 pm and 4 pm.
Duration: 1h.


One price: 10 €.

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Théâtre Montansier - The Chorus of silence
Théâtre Montansier
13 Rue des Réservoirs
78000 Versailles