Château Versailles Spectacles - Molière: Dom Juan


Comedy in five acts created at the Palais-Royal in Paris in 1665.

With the troupe of the Comédie-Française

Alexandre Pavloff Gusman, Mathurine, Don Carlos, La Violette, Don Louis, Ragotin and the Statue of the Commander
Stéphane Varupenne Sganarelle
Jennifer Decker Elvire, Charlotte, the Statue of the Commander and a spectre
Laurent Lafitte Dom Juan
Adrien Simion Gusman, Pierrot, La Ramée, a poor man, Don Alonse, M. Dimanche, La Violette and the Statue of the Commander

Cast subject to change

Emmanuel Daumas Director
Radha Valli Set design and costumes
Bruno Marsol Lighting
Dominique Bataille Sound
Cécile Kretschmar Make-up and wigs
Vincent Deslandres Artistic collaboration


Written by Molière to counter the banning of Tartuffe, this mythical play opens with Dom Juan's flight from Elvira, whom he has distracted from his vows of fidelity to God.
He never ceases to frighten his faithful valet, Sganarelle, by dint of seductions and abandonments, driving a beggar to blasphemy, making a mockery of his father's values, and even daring to make a sacrilegious invitation to the statue of the Commander that he once killed. A true cloak-and-dagger play magnified by Molière's writing, Dom Juan was an extraordinary success at its premiere in 1665 as a "machine play": here it is performed by the Comédie-Française troupe.

Emmanuel Daumas returns to the essence of the play with this Dom Juan for five performers, in a refined set and costumes. He returns to the theatre of the trenches and embraces all the grandeur of the myth of this libertine atheist who, at the centre of a world of lies and illusions, makes a bet on life. "Molière paints a baroque reverie, a Spanish comedy, where a man in the eye of the storm of an unreal world, not always so far from ours, invents his life so that it has no limits. So repeating the dogma will not be enough to stop him. We will have to bring out the heavy artillery, the witchcraft and the marvellous... The machinery of the theatre. The illusion of Hell.

Produced by Comédie-Française, Théâtre du Vieux-Colombier
Show created on 29 January 2022 at the Théâtre du Vieux-Colombier
Comedy in five acts created at the Palais-Royal in Paris in 1665.

Show for all audiences

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From Tuesday 27 June to Saturday 1st of July 2023 between 8 pm and 10.15 pm.
2h15 without intermission.


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