That’s it, it’s the vacations!!!

Your kids have been waiting for them with impatience, they are finally here!


What activities have you planned with your children during the vacations?
Here is a selection (not exhaustive) to keep your kids busy. If you have other ideas, post them on our social networks!



Paris region aventures: 30 thematic routes throughout the Ile-de-France region, to discover the cities and famous people who have marked their history. Fun and educational, quizzes, challenges, treasure hunts and other enigmas punctuate each route. 200 characters to collect! For children from 5 to 13 years old (note that the royal stables in Versailles are currently under construction; only quests 1 and 2 can be completed for the Versailles tour)
Bougeott: sporty walks, to actively discover cities through nature and heritage. A good way to stretch your legs! Accessible to all levels, walking or running, loop or section, you can customize your route by adjusting the distance and duration.


Training courses at the Relais Nature Jouy-Vélizy, in the Cour Roland domain.
Training courses at the equestrian centers of Vilvert and Monteclin.
Taste good farm products bought at the Viltain farm market.
Do some gardening with your children, plant seeds bought at the Gally farm.


With our thematic walking tours: “On the tracks of the Toile de Jouy”, “The famous people of Jouy-en-Josas”, “Along the Bièvre” (with quizzes for children), “The Toile de Jouy” (with quizzes for children), “In the footsteps of Patrick Modiano”, “Tourist circuit of the 2 museums”, “Circuit of the historical plaques”.
With our hiking itineraries “Jouy par monts et par vaux”, from 8 to 12 km. Easy level. Through the forests of Jouy-en-Josas, the fields, the Saclay plateau, the Cour Roland estate.


Circino 78, treasure hunter. Discover the cultural and natural heritage of Yvelines while staying at home, nice and warm.


And much more!